Autumn Booster 2022 tab πŸ†•

🌟 We've released a new tab for you to invite your eligible patients for their Autumn Booster 🌟

This tab will work exactly the same as the previous 'Booster' tabs within accuBook, you'll need to re-upload all of the patients you wish to invite for their next round of COVID vaccinations and send the invites in the same way you have previously.

For more information on how to invite your patients, please see our article with some step-by-step instructions for our Autumn Boosters here 😊

Spring Booster 2022 and Boosters tabs

You may notice that the option to invite patients to the Spring Booster 2022 and Boosters tab has been greyed out πŸ€”

We've removed this option to help reduce the confusion with booster invites. We are limited when reading the number of boosters a patient has received, so we are adding a brand new tab for users to upload their eligible patients from scratch.

❓ If you have any questions or are having trouble sending/managing your invites, please get in touch with our support team by clicking on the green speech bubble in the bottom right of your screen πŸ‘‰

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