In the new Dashboard you can:

  • See the number of Patient Triage requests by day (Medical, Admin or both) 📆

  • See the number of Patient Triage requests received by each hour (Medical, Admin or both) 🕐

  • See your busiest hours 🔍

  • Download these reports 📃

Where is the Dashboard?

The new dashboard can be found by going into your initials in the toolbar > Patient Triage > Dashboard

A quick video on how to get started 👇

Requests by day

Requests by hour

Download Report

A note 📝

Currently both of the reports on the dashboard show data from the previous week of requests received. Our research shows that typically demand is relatively consistent week-over-week, however, in the future we plan to offer greater customisation of date ranges when it comes to this dashboard. If you think this would be helpful to you, please feel free to chat with our support team (the icon in the bottom right of the screen) and submit this feedback. In the meantime, if you need more than 1 week of data you can still download the last 90 days of data as shown above.

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