What is it?

Accurx Web (formerly known as Accurx Fleming) is a web-based product that can be used by any NHS staff member to send a text message to a patient, or to conduct a video consultation. It uses the NHS Personal Demographic System (PDS).

Unlike Accurx Desktop which integrates with EMIS Web and SystmOne, it does not link with a medical record system. You can use it on a mobile, desktop, or any device connected to the internet!

How does it work?

It's easy to sign up - you can log in with your NHSmail or create an account. See more information on how to do that here.

Once you are in you can choose to send a patient a link to a video consultation or send them an SMS. For more information on how to do this, please click here. 👈

Who can use it?

Secondary care staff and primary care staff not using EMIS or SystmOne. Any NHS frontline staff member with any NHS mail account and is free for any frontline NHS staff member to use. See more information about IG and security here.

Start using today by going to https://web.accurx.com

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