Watch our webinar with Wilmslow Health Centre here.

Is this available to use now?

Self-Book has been released to all practices that have access to Patient Triage.

Can I send this for Face To Face Appointments, to a bulk number of patients, or for patients to book in with Individual Clinicians?

At the moment, the current Self-Book feature isn’t built for face to face appointments.

We have developed a booking module for face-to-face appointments, you can find out more about this here

How much does this cost, and where can I trial it?

Self-Book is a part of Patient Triage. You can sign up for a free trial of Patient Triage on

For information on pricing, please contact

Is this a one use link (patients can’t use it more than once)?

Self-Book links last for 48 hours, and are only usable once.

What happens if all telephone slots are booked up in the next 6 weeks?

You will not be able to send a booking link for that slot type, and a message will appear in the inbox letting you know that there are no appointments available.

Can patients book two slots?

Patients cannot use the link to book more than one appointment.

What’s the DNA rate like?

The Wilmslow Practice reported that they have had very a reduction in DNA’s when using Self-Book

Can patients book the appointment when the surgery is closed?

Yes, the link is valid for 48 hours and is available to the patient regardless of surgery hours and availability of the Patient Triage form

Does a clinician need to configure this/does this need a special account?

Any user in the practice can configure Self-Book. Self-Book is available to all users in any practice that has access to Patient Triage.

Is there a link to training on this feature?

3 minute demo here

Can a patient see other patients' slots?

Patients do not have visibility over other patients’ slots.

Can patients cancel their appointments?

Patients cannot cancel their appointments through Self-Book, they would need to contact the practice to do this. If you have access to our Batch Messaging and Appointment Reminders feature, you’ll be able to set up appointment reminders for slot types in your clinical system which gives the option for patients to cancel directly through the reminder SMS. For more information on this feature click here.

Can patients only book into the slot type you have connected with Accurx?

Patients will only be able to book into the slot type that you have chosen at the time of sending the booking link. You can edit the slot type before sending the link if you would like the patient to book into a different slot type.

Does the slot type need to be a new specific slot type, or can we use an existing one?

You can use any existing slot type within your clinical system, and can edit the slot type before sending out a link to your patient if you’d like to change this. Dr Ahmed explained in the webinar that he keeps Accurx appointments separate from all other slot types, so you can also opt to do this instead.

Can it be combined with other triage or online consultation systems?

Self-Book works differently to Patient Access. You do not need to make appointments available for online booking. With Self-Book, only specific patients that are sent a booking invite via text will be able to book into the chosen slot type. This is available to practices with Patient Triage only and invites can only be sent from the Accurx inbox.

Are patients given a time range, or specific time?

Invited patients can book into either an AM or PM slot. This is a wide-ranging time, and patients are only aware it will be in the morning (8.30-1pm) or afternoon (2pm-6pm). However, the patient will be booked into a specific slot on your end, they just won’t be able to see this themselves.

How do I send the links to patients who haven’t come through Patient Triage?

You can send out invites from your Accurx inbox, simply go to a patient's Florey response, Patient Triage request or search for the patient from your Accurx inbox and press the booking button.

Can I try this out?

Yes! You can sign up to a Free Trial here.

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