What is Self-Book?

Self-Book aims to save practices time by reducing the manual steps involved in booking patients into telephone appointments.

Using Self-Book, practices can choose which patients require face-to-face or telephone appointment and send these patients a unique link via text.

Invited patients will be able to choose a time slot and day that they are available and, once chosen, they are booked directly into the practice’s appointment book without the need for the patient to call the surgery πŸ™Œ

To learn more about what Self-Book is, and decide if you want to use it at your practice, have a read πŸ‘‰ here.

If you'd like to get started using this feature at your practice, keep reading πŸ‘‡

Step 1

You can add a booking link into a text message by clicking on the new self-book button. You will find this button after clicking the message icon on the little green toolbar (left image below) or after clicking on "Reply" in the inbox (right image below).

🌟 Note: Self-Book can also be used to invite cohorts of patients to book into a face-to-face appointment. Find out more here. 🌟

Step 2

Once you have clicked on the Self-Book button, you will be asked to choose whether the appointment is going to be a telephone or a face-to-face appointment. Click on Face-to-face.

Step 3

You will then need to choose the slot type of the appointment you want to invite this patient to.

All of the slot types that have been set up in your practice's appointment book will show up in this drop-down.

Note: if you have recently added a new slot type into EMIS/Systmone it may take up to 24 hours for this slot type to show. Once you have sent out a self-book link, for the 48 hours this link is active we will search your appointment book every 30 minutes! πŸ’‘

Step 4

Once you have chosen the slot type that you'd like the patient to book into for their face-to-face appointment, click on "Add link" to add the booking link into your text message.

Step 5

Click "send" to send the text message to the patient with the link to book their own face-to-face appointment. πŸŽ‰

What will patients see?

  1. Invited patients receive a text message with a unique booking link. Once they click on their link, they can choose a time slot and date that they are available for their appointment (up to 6 weeks in the future) πŸ“†

  2. Once the patient has selected the time and date of the appointment they can confirm the booking and they will receive a confirmation SMS 😊

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