Once you have set up your clinics, you will be able to invite patients to book themselves in.

πŸ‘‰ For Spring Boosters and Boosters (not Primary course), patients will be able to see any clinics that are 91 days or more after they had their last primary dose, even if the clinics are more than 21 days in the future. πŸ‘ˆ

1️⃣ From the Manage Organisation page, select Invite patients and manage bookings page.

2️⃣ Here you can find all of the patients you have already invited

You'll notice there has been a new tab added for you to switch between Primary Course, Boosters and (NEW) Spring Boosters.

3️⃣ Upload in a list or as an individual just like they were for their Primary course.

accuBook will not vet patients' suitability for spring boosters, for example - we don't block patients for age or immunosuppressed status

πŸ”” All Spring booster patients will need uploading to accuBook, even if they were in accuBook for their Primary Course or Boosters πŸ””

Note: accuBook won't be reading decline codes for previous doses

4️⃣ If uploading a CSV list, the list of patients will be placed into the following categories:

  • Patients who need primary vaccination (NIMS shows that they haven't completed their Primary Course)

  • Patients awaiting booster vaccination (NIMS shows that they have completed their Primary Course)

  • Patients awaiting spring booster vaccination (NIMS shows that they have completed their Primary Course and Booster)

  • Patients have had their spring booster vaccinations (4th dose) already

5️⃣ You will then be able to invite groups of eligible patients within your list, depending on when they had their booster.

Once invited, patients will only be able to see and book into appointments that are 91 days or more after their booster, no matter how far in the future the appointments are. πŸ“†

Any patient groups not selected will still be uploaded, to invite later.

6️⃣ All uploaded patients are now in accuBook. Those awaiting invites can be organised by date since Booster, and invited when ready πŸ˜„

❓ Let our Support team know if you have any questions by clicking on the green chat bubble in the bottom right, or by emailing support@accurx.com! ❓

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