Accurx Web can now be launched directly from your clinical system (e.g. Cerner, Rio, Lorenzo, Trust portal) 🎉

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How does integration work?

The integration is system-agnostic and can be implemented without any dependencies on your clinical system or EPR provider.

Accurx Web integration retrieves patient demographics (e.g. NHS Number and Date of Birth) directly from your clinical system and opens the patient in Accurx Web, saving you time from having to search and making it even easier to:

  • Message a patient

  • Request a text or photo response back from a patient

  • Share digital documents

  • Start a video consultation

  • View the patient's GP record

  • Message the patient's GP practice

How do we implement integration? (For IT professionals)

The Accurx Web patient launch API allows users to open Accurx Web in a browser with the patient context already loaded. We can provide full support to Trust IT teams to get set up during an installation week.

The request flow involves 2 key steps:

  1. Your system (EPR, integration engine, custom user portal etc), that has access to patient’s NHS number and date of birth, calls out to /api/viewPatient/generateDirectLink. In response, you receive a URL that will be used to launch Accurx Web

  2. In the second step, you open the URL that you received in step 1. in a browser window of your choice. This takes you straight to the Accurx Web page where the patient context is loaded and the user can use Accurx Web.

    1. If a user is not logged in with Accurx account, this page will first redirect to login page and then back to patient on successful login

    2. If the provided patient demographics details are incorrect or do not match PDS records, this page will show a relevant error. This is equivalent to manually performing PDS search in Accurx Web.

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