What you can currently do on Accurx web:

What you can't do on Accurx web:

  • View the messages other members of your team or departments have sent to your patients

What are we doing about it?

After listening to feedback from users like yourself, we've learned that members of a team and department need to have visibility of past and ongoing conversations with patients so that they can provide patient care as a team. We're now going to enable you to do this using a Shared Inbox.

Why do we need to contact you to set up your Shared Inbox?

Before we set you up with your Shared Inbox, we need to authorise your account so that we can securely set you and the members of your department/team into a private workspace, where each of you will have full visibility of the conversations that you're having with your patients. Going forward, everyone in your workspace will be able to view and action messages sent to patients as a team.

What information do we need from you?

If you have shown interest in this functionality (by clicking the Get Team View button), we will contact you on the email address you've used to log in to Accurx web to set up a short video call with you, where we'll quickly gather some information from you to confirm:

  • Your role

  • Your current team set up (i.e. who else is in your team)

  • Details of any members of your team who you would like to be a part of your workspace

What happens next?

Once we have all this information, we'll promptly set you up in a workspace where you and your colleagues will be able to collectively view and action messages sent to your patients as a team.

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