When using Self-Book, practices need to choose a slot type that they are happy for patients to book their own routine telephone appointments into.

If you can’t see the slot type that you’d like to use for Self-Book in the drop down then it’s worth checking a few things:

  • The slot type needs to be in your appointment book within the next 3 weeks. For Systmone practices, the slot type must also be available for booking and can not be fully booked by patients.

  • If you're using a new slot type for Self-Book, the slot type needs to have been created before you click the blue "Set up Self-Book" button. If you've already clicked this button and then create the new slot type in EMIS/SystmOne, you'll need to click "Back" and then "Set up Self-Book" again.

If you have double checked all of the above things then please chat to us using the green message icon in the bottom right hand corner 👉

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