You can get an overview of all Self-Book text message sent out by your practice and their booking status. To do this:

  1. Click on your initials on the little green Accurx toolbar

  2. Click on "Manage Organisation"

  3. Go to "Message Status" under "Self Book for Patient Triage"

You'll see a table of all the booking statuses for the Self-Book text messages sent out by your practice, including details of the sender, NHS number, date sent, etc.

To find out what each of the booking statuses mean, open the key by clicking on "What does each status mean":

You can also view the booking status of invites in the inbox messaging thread 🎉

To do this you just need to access the messaging thread from within the inbox. You can view the status of the invite before deciding what action you want to take next!

There are 3 different statuses that will show depending on the patient's actions 👇

More on 'Failed to book'

This happens when a patient chooses their appointment slot using their link but they cannot be booked into EMIS or SystmOne. One of the reasons this might happen is because someone in the practice has booked another patient into the same slot or two patients have booked the same slot at the same time.

Will the patient know their appointment wasn't booked?

The patient will be sent will the a text message to explain to them that their appointment could not be booked and to tell them to contact the practice.

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