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What is Self-Book for telephone appointments?

Self-Book for telephone appointments aims to save practices time by reducing the manual steps involved in booking patients into appointments.

Practices with Patient Triage can use Self-Book for telephone appointments. This means they can decide which Patient Triage requests need a routine telephone appointment πŸ“ž and invite these patients to book in at a later date.

Invited patients receive a text message with a link they can click on to choose a time window that they are available. Once they have chosen, they are automatically booked into the appointment book! πŸŽ‰

To learn more about what Self-Book for telephone appointments is, and decide if you can use it at your practice, have a read πŸ‘‰ here.

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1. Deciding on a slot type

First, you need to decide which slot type you would like Patients to be able to book into for routine telephone appointments.

This can either be a slot type that you use in your appointment book for routine telephone appointments currently or you can create a new slot type. If you want to create a new slot type, you must add it into your appointment book sometime in the next 3 weeks before moving onto Step 2.

What slot types can I choose?

Self-Book can only be used for telephone appointments. This is because patients are given a time window for their appointment rather than a specific appointment time. Patients also can’t book appointments that are on the same day as they are sent an invite.

2. Setting up Self-Book (Telephone) for your chosen slot type

Once you have decided on a slot type for Self-Book, you need to set-up Self-Book to work with this slot type. To do this:

1. Click on the Accurx Inbox on the Accurx Desktop toolbar

2. Click on the β€œTo Assign” folder on the left

3. Click on β€œBooking” underneath one of the Patient Triage requests. Note: it doesn’t matter which request you do this under as the patient won’t be sent anything

4. Follow the instructions that appear to set up Self-Book for chosen slot type

You will be able to select your chosen slot type (under step 2 above). You will only need to do this once for the practice.

Once you have completed the steps, you can slick β€œStart inviting patients” (step 4 above).

3. Inviting patients to book into Telephone appointments

Once Self-Book has been set up for your chosen slot type, anyone in the practice will be able to invite a patient to book a routine telephone appointment by clicking β€œBooking” and then β€œSend and save”.

What will patients see?

Patients will receive a text message with their unique booking link:

Once they click the link and enter their date of birth to confirm their identity, they can select a date and time window for their appointment. Once they have chosen, they will just need to confirm their booking.

Once a patient’s booking has been made in EMIS/SystmOne, they will receive a confirmation text message with the date of their appointment and time window:

You can get an overview of all booking links sent out by your practice and their booking status by looking at the Message Status page.

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