1️⃣ Batch Messaging will no longer be limited to 1000 patients, you'll be able to upload a list of as many patients as you like.

Did you know You can send Floreys in Batch as well as SMS messages to gather data from your patient population.

🌟 This isn't our only change here though! 🌟

2️⃣ Automated 'Failed to deliver' messages no longer appear in your inbox, these will only be visible in the Delivery Receipts table, so keep an eye out for these here!



3️⃣ 'Failed to complete questionnaire' messages will no longer appear as a notification in your inbox, these notifications will now move straight into the 'Done' folder 📁 These won't automatically save to the record yet but if you want to save them you can still do that from the 'done' folder.

4️⃣ Three of our Batch Floreys will now save responses to patients' records automatically. When sending either smoking, BMI or Ethnicity Florey questionnaires as a Batch to patients, you will be shown the option to "Save responses to patient's record automatically".

You will only see this option for the following Floreys: BMI Questionnaire, Smoking Questionnaire and Ethnicity Questionnaire.

For more information on this please see our Batch Floreys - save response to patient's record automatically article.

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