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This article outlines FAQs relating to how we work, build products and make improvements at Accurx

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How do I find out about which products and features are coming next?

  • The best place to find out what we are working on, what is coming next and what is on our current backlog is our Public Roadmap.

  • We keep this us updated as we can, however sometimes we do need to move quickly so quick fixes and bugs might not appear on this list, but will still be released. In these instances if there are any quick changes that have a big impact, your account manager will update you after the release.

  • If you’re keen to be included in our monthly newsletters that go to all users with Accurx Desktop or accuBook, you can sign up to receive our newsletters here.

How we work: 6 weeks cycles

6 week cycles

  • At Accurx we typically work in 6 weeks cycles.

  • We have 1 week of planning, which is then followed by 6 weeks of development.

  • All teams work in 6 week cycles at Accurx, not just our product teams.

What does this mean for our customers?

  • By working in 6 week cycles we are able to be more agile and adapt to the needs of clinical staff more quickly, as we are not committed to an annual roadmap.

  • However, this can mean it can be challenging for us to confirm exactly when fixes, new features and new products would be released. Often if we are in the middle of a cycle we can’t pivot to a new focus, but we make sure to share all of our customers' needs with product teams so new needs can be prioritised.

Do we ever work in longer cycles?

  • Yes, in some instances we extend cycles if we haven’t met our targets, encountered delays or know that the work we are undertaking cannot be achieved in 6 week cycles.

How we work: Decision making & priorities

  • Our vision is that anyone involved in a patient's care can easily communicate with everyone else involved in that patient's care, including the patient.

  • For every product decision we make, we constantly refer back to our overall Mission & Vision to make sure that the new products we create align with this.

  • Sometimes we have to prioritise work that is specifically timely or linked to compliance, but ultimately it is our vision that we use as our guiding principle when committing to a new product.

How is feedback shared within the company and inputted into products?

  • We receive a huge amount of feedback at Accurx - which we love! This is how we make sure to incorporate it into our products.

  • We get feedback from:

    • Our support chat function where our support team manage all of our users queries

    • Our annual survey that goes out to all Accurx users once a year

    • Our account meetings with ICSs, STPs and Trusts

    • Practice and Trust Visits

    • Our ever-growing FaceBook community

    • In-product feedback forms (specific to Patient Triage)

  • All of this feedback is shared centrally to specific teams in the weekly or bi-weekly meetings that we have.

  • Often it will be added to a backlog of feature requests or if we already have an active ticket for the same request, we will add to this.

  • We can’t guarantee that every piece of feedback we get will mean a change is made or that the change will be made immediately. But all of our products are improved thanks to product feedback, so we make sure to review this as frequently as we can.

How do we communicate and gather feedback from practices?

  • At Accurx we put a large emphasis on understanding users (NHS staff and patients) and their needs to make sure we build products that are user-centred and offer lots of value to them.

  • We have a dedicated team of user researchers at Accurx who work alongside our product teams. They will reach out and speak to all users involved in a patient's care, as well as patients themselves.

How do you identify users to gather feedback from?

  • Targeting specific users/practices based on usage of specific feature

  • Finding users who have been in touch with our support team about a specific feature.

  • Post in our Facebook Community Groups

Practice visits

  • Every employee at Accurx is encouraged to go to and visit at least one practice per cycle.

  • This ensures that we stay close to our users and continue to understand what life is like within a GP Practice or NHS Trust. These visits are important as we gain a huge amount of insight into how clinicians are working, and it means we can build the best products for their needs.

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