Pathways - Set a time for your scheduled messages

You can now schedule future messages in Pathways for a specific time as well as date! 🕐

To do this, simply click on the date on a future Pathways message and select your desired date and time! 📆 👇

accuBook - new COVID-19 Phase 3 Boosters functionality 💉

You can now invite patients to their COVID-19 booster vaccination through accuBook!

Look out for the new 'Boosters' tab in accuBook 👇

Here you can invite individual patients, or lists of multiple patients; these will be broken down for you by the number of months since completing their primary course.

Update to the Flu Florey 📋

  • Amended the Florey name to Flu Vaccination Questionnaire

  • Removed the day 3 & day 6 reminders

  • Change to the 1st question & answers 👇

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