Will patients be able to see their record?

No, Record View is only available for health and care professionals involved in the patient's direct care - not patients themselves.

Are there any patients whose records can't be viewed?

Patients with records set to sensitive status (referred to as ā€œSā€ flagged) on the NHS Personal Demographic Service will not be available to request or view.

For other patients, they will have to approve each request to view their record. Permission is provided for each request and not open-ended, so if there are any sensitivities sharing with a particular health and care professional, they can always deny the request.

Can patients limit what information in their record is viewable?

Sensitive SNOMED codes are excluded from Record View.

At this stage, patients cannot elect to make certain aspects of their record viewable and others not.

If the patient has any concerns about a health and care professional viewing their record, they can simply deny the request by not providing the code.

What does the message to patients look like?

The message sent to the patient is addressed from accuRx and explicitly names the health and care professional requesting the record.

It contains the code to provide to the health and care professional if they want to share their record, along with a link to an accuRx-hosted webpage informing them how their record will be viewed and what to do if they weren't expecting the request.

How do patients share the code?

Patients can provide the code in person, over the phone or email as long as the health and care professional inputs it within a minimum time period.

What if the patient's number on PDS is incorrect?

To ensure the security of Record View, the patient's contact number retrieved from PDS is non-editable.

This guarantees health and care professionals cannot bypass patient permission by entering their own number to receive the code.

In some circumstances, this may prevent patients sharing their record summary if their old number is recorded on PDS. We will monitor this to see if we need to make any changes.

What if patients can't provide the code?

Sometimes patients may not be able to provide the code to share their record summary.

1. Patient lacks capacity to provide the code: we're aware of this and may explore proxy consent in the future.

2. Patient's phone cannot receive the SMS: around 90% of patients have a phone that can receive SMS, so this leaves a small number who will not be able to benefit from Record View. Record View should free up time for managing these minority cases.

What if patients have opted out of Summary Care Records?

Patients who have opted out of Summary Care Records (therefore haven't had their medical information uploaded to PDS) can still share their records using Record View.

PDS is only used for matching the patient. So as long as there's a match, the record can still be viewed because the patient has to provide permission each time.

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