What is Record View?

Record View is an accuRx feature that lets patients easily and securely allow other healthcare professionals involved in their direct care view a summary of their medical record.

Healthcare professionals get a time-limited and read-only view of the record in accuRx Web.

How does Record View work?

  1. GP enables Record View in accuRx desktop

  2. Authenticated healthcare professionals request to view the record through accuRx Web

  3. Patient gives permission by sharing a unique code sent to the by SMS with the requesting healthcare professional

  4. If the health and care professional enters the code provided by the patient, they receive a 24-hour, read-only, view of the patient’s record

    (N.B. If the patient chooses not to give them the code, the summary view will not be returned).

Why did we build Record View?

Record View has been developed in response to significant demand from health and care professionals for an efficient way to access the information in GP medical records when providing direct care to a patient.

Traditional ways of sharing records - like GPs printing off copies for home visits, clinicians requesting records over the phone with no identity verification, and sending parts of records by email - are unreliable and insecure.

Existing solutions, such as Summary Care Records (“SCRs”) and Local Health and Care Record Exemplars (“LHCRs”) have partially helped, but they are hamstrung by various constraints. Depending on the solution, this might be poor access for staff (due to a dependence on NHS smartcards that are rarely configured correctly for staff), a lack of awareness of their existence and limited information available in the record.

Record View aims to address these shortcomings and provide a full view of the record:

  1. Firstly, Record View guarantees ease of access to the Record for health and care professionals by putting patient permission at the heart of the product.

  2. Secondly, Record View delivers a more comprehensive set of information, including the patient’s immunisation history, the last 2 years’ worth of investigations and health status (BMI, smoking and alcohol history).

Overall, by providing an alternative way for health and care professionals to view patients’ records, Record View seeks to offer an alternative mechanism for enhancing connectivity between parts of the healthcare system, improving the quality and safety of care, and saving staff time.

What information is shared from the record?

Record View provides health and care professionals with the information they need to effectively treat patients.

This includes:

  • Patient details (Name, DOB, Address, NHS number)

  • GP registration details

  • Problem list (current and significant past problems)

  • Medications (current, repeat, recent acute medications)

  • Allergies

  • Investigations during the last two years

  • Immunisations

  • Health status (smoking, alcohol, BMI)

GPs viewing their own patients’ records can also see the last three consultation notes.

Information not necessary for this purpose will be excluded from Record View:

  • Patients with records set to sensitive status (referred to as “S” flagged) on the NHS Personal Demographic Service will not be available to request or view.

How does Record View differ from other record sharing solutions?

Record View differs from other medical record sharing solutions like the Summary Care Record and Local Health and Care Record Exemplar in two main ways:

  1. No hardware constraints - healthcare professionals access Record View with an approved accuRx Web account and explicit permission from the patient

  2. More comprehensive record - Record View displays additional information compared to other solutions, including the patient’s immunisation history, the last 2 years’ worth of investigations and health status (BMI, smoking and alcohol history)

Who can view the Record?

Currently, the patient's medical record can only be shared with health and social care professionals involved in the patient's direct care.

Neither the patient nor any non-clinical organisations (e.g. insurance companies and solicitors) can view the record.

How does accuRx access the medical record?

We obtain this information via the API integrations we have with SystmOne and EMIS, and requires a GP Practice who wishes to enable Record View to have accuRx Desktop correctly set up and configured.

Is there a cost for using Record View?

No, Record View is free for GP Practices and the health and care professionals viewing records.

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