Record View allows a healthcare professional to view a summary of the patient's GP record for up to 24 hours in accuRx Web, with the patient's explicit permission.

We hope this collection of articles answers all of your questions on Record View.

These articles are designed for GPs and health and care professionals using Record View. However, other stakeholders may find them useful for learning more.

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Introduction to Record View

  1. What is Record View?

  2. How does Record View work?

  3. Why have we built Record View?

  4. How does Record View differ from other record sharing solutions?

  5. What information is included in the record summary?

  6. Who can view the record summary?

  7. How does accuRx access the medical record?

  8. How will health and care professionals use Record View?

  9. How do I enable Record View for my practice?

IG & Security

  1. How does the IG work?

  2. Why healthcare providers trust Record View?

  3. How will accuRx regulate Record View?

  4. What does accuRx do with data in the medical record?

  5. How often is the record updated?

  6. What happens if there's missing or incorrect data in the record?

  7. Is the record redacted for any third party information?

Patient experience

  1. Will patients be able to see their record?

  2. Are there any patients whose records can't be viewed?

  3. Can patients limit what information in their record is viewable?

  4. What does the message to patients look like?

  5. How do patients share the code?

  6. What if the patient's number on PDS is incorrect?

  7. What if patients can't provide the code?

  8. What if patients have opted out of Summary Care Records?

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