When sending certain batch Florey questionnaires to patients, you may be shown the option to "Save responses to patient's record automatically".

You will only see this option for the following Floreys: BMI Questionnaire, Smoking Questionnaire and Ethnicity Questionnaire.

If this box is ticked, the accuRx user will NOT be notified of the patient response and the response will automatically be saved into the EMIS/S1 record.

This option is available to help practices avoid an overload of notifications on their toolbar after sending Batch Floreys to patients.

Why can't this option be available for all Floreys?

We felt for more medically orientated questionnaires, it is important that a user is notified of a response and that the response is viewed on the accuRx inbox before the decision to save it to the record is made.

It was felt that for questionnaires such as Ethnicity, individual review of each response was unnecessary.

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