From the 'Invite patients and manage bookings', select only the 'To Manually Book - 2nd' filter by checking its box on the left hand side, and click the blue 'Apply filter' button to apply this.

Make sure to only have the 'To Manually Book - 2nd' filter and no others checked

You should now see a list of all of your patients in the 'To Manually Book - 2nd' category.

Patients should now each appear with a blank checkbox next to their names similar to the ones seen by the filters - if patients do not have checkboxes next to their names then double check that you have only the 'To Manually Book - 2nd' filter checked and no others.

To select patients simply click inside the blank checkbox and it should turn blue and a tick/check will appear.

After selecting patients, a new 'Cancel Invites' option will appear above the patient list, as seen below. 👇

Clicking this option will cancel the invites of all of your selected patients.

These patients will change state to 'Cancelled' - they will need to be re-uploaded to accuBook and sent a new one if invited again.

To de-select all of your selected patients without performing any actions or cancelling their invites, click on the blue tick next to the 'Selected' box above the patient list 👇

To select all patients in the 'To Manually Book - 2nd' list, click on the 'Select multiple patients' drop-down in the top right and select the 'Select All' option. This will select every patient in the list for you to perform actions on all of them.

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