accuBook: How to invite a list of patients for their vaccination

How to upload a CSV and invite patients for either their 1st or 2nd vaccinations.

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When using accuBook, you can invite patients for either their 1st or 2nd dose directly from a CSV upload. Find out how you can do this using the steps below πŸ‘‡

Step 1:

Select 'Invite a list of patients'.

Step 2:

You will be taken to a page where you can upload your CSV. To see how to create CSV, we have articles on how to do this for EMIS, SystmOne and Vision.

To find and upload the CSV select 'Upload a Patient CSV'.

On the left, you'll find a dashboard with the number of slots available for your patients to book into over the next three weeks.

❗ The capacity for available clinics is 500%. For example: If a patient is awaiting their 2nd Pfizer vaccine you will have to check the slots available for 2nd dose Pfizer to calculate the number of patients you can invite ❗

Step 3:

Once you've uploaded your CSV, we'll break down the patient list into:

  • Those 'awaiting their 1st vaccination' according to their NIMS

  • Those 'awaiting their 2nd vaccination' according to their NIMS

You can click on 'show details to review the patients in the categories. If you are happy select 'Continue' to start the flow for inviting these patients.

Step 4:

Reviewing patients in 'awaiting 1st vaccination'

Patients that have no received their 1st dose vaccination, with mobile numbers will be sent an invitation text, and go into 'awaiting response - 1st'

If they don't have a mobile number in the CSV they go into 'to manually book - 1st' and will need to be manually booked in for their vaccination.

❗ You can edit the darker writing if you want to personalise the message being sent to these patients. (shown by the arrow below ) ❗

If you're happy you can select 'Invite to 1st vaccination' to invite these patients.

Step 5:

Reviewing patients in 'patients eligible for 2nd vaccination'

Selecting the tick-box will send an invitation text to patients who are within that filter, and move them to 'awaiting response - 2nd'.

Patients in filters that are not ticked will go into 'awaiting invite - 2nd'

Selecting 'Compose Invite text' will allow you to invite patients in the weeks you have selected and take you to the page to compose the message to these patients as long as they had a mobile number in the CSV.

If you don't select a tick box, or you select 'Skip this step' the patients will be uploaded onto accuBook and you will have to invite them from the 'Awaiting Invite - 2nd' filter. (This won't affect patients that have already been invited for their 1st dose.)

Step 5 cont:

If you have selected 'compose invite text' you can review the SMS message sent to patients for their 2nd dose vaccine here.

❗ You can edit the darker writing if you want to personalise the message being sent to these patients. (The arrow shows where you can edit the text.) ❗

Once you're happy you can 'Invite to 2nd Vaccination'.

Step 6:

If patients weren't selected in one of the weekly filters they will be added to the filter 'Awaiting Invite - 2nd' in the invitations page on accuBook. You can invite these patients later from this filter, full steps here.

Step 7:

Lastly, you will be shown a summary of the patients on the CSV you uploaded and what has happened to them in accuBook.

You will be able to view a list of all the patients that you have just invited by selecting 'Show Details' and then selecting 'Continue to all Patients List' will take you to the page where you can see all patients on accuBook.

If you need any help with this please chat with us in the bottom right-hand corner πŸ˜€

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