Who can book patients to clinics of a different vaccine type clinic?

To invite a patient for an appointment for a different vaccine type (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna etc) than they had for their first dose, this must be manually booked in by a clinician. πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ A patient will only be able to book themselves in for the same vaccine type as they were administered for their first dose.

How do I book patients in for a different second dose?

To book patients in, they will have to have had their first dose, and be set to 'To manually book - 2nd' or 'Awaiting response - 2nd'. πŸ‘‡

1.) Select the patient you would like to book in and either click Book (if they are 'To manually book - 2nd) or More and then Book (if they are 'Awaiting response - 2nd).

This will bring up the list of delivery sites that are linked to your practice. On this screen don't be deterred if there is a 'No appointments available' message under the delivery site in question - this text is aimed at patients so if there are no available clinics for patients to book into, this will appear. However staff will still be able to access this delivery site and view clinics that are invisible to patients.

You may encounter a 'No appointments available' screen similar to the one below - click the 'Show user booking flow' to continue to the appointment booking page! πŸ‘‡

On the appointment booking page you can then click on:

  • Staff booking

  • Any other vaccine type

This will allow you to display second dose clinics of a different vaccine type to the patient's first, and as long as there is a suitable second dose clinic with slots available, will allow you to book the patients into these clinics πŸ‘‡

Staff booking mode will also allow you to view clinics more than 21 days into the future, as well as hidden clinics, a feature hidden from the patient view.

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