1. Go into "Invite patients and manage bookings" from the Manage Organisation page

2. Filter by Awaiting invite - 2nd, you can select by the number of weeks since the patient had their 1st vaccination or leave the weeks unticked to bring up the entire list of patients 'awaiting invite - 2nd'. Click on "Apply filter" (once you have clicked 'apply filter' and the patient list has updated with your selection it will be grey and deactivated)

3. There are two ways you can cancel patients in bulk. You can either 'select multiple patients individually' or select all patients in bulk:

a) Selecting a number of patients individually that you want to cancel invites to by clicking on the box next to the individual's name (circled in red):

b) Clicking on the 'select multiple patients' dropdown and choose 'select all' to cancel all invites in this view:

4. From here, select 'Cancel invites'

5. You'll get confirmation that you have cancelled these patients, which will then remove them from your awaiting invite- 2nd list and place them in the "cancelled" status

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