Creating Moderna clinics

Clinics can be created by lead organisations, as explained here

A new clinic can be set as 'Moderna' on the Vaccine sessions page

Viewing Moderna clinics

You can view which clinics are Moderna on the Booked List, as shown by the badge

Selecting Morderna patients

You can see and filter by patients who have had Moderna vaccinations according to NIMS on the All Patients page:

Select the Moderna filter

Click on Details to see details of their vaccines

Inviting Moderna Patients for their second vaccination

👉 You can bulk invite for second vaccinations for Moderna only 👈

1️⃣ Select the vaccine type Moderna filter, as above

2️⃣ Select the 'Awaiting invite - 2nd'

3️⃣ Select all / multiple patients, as below

4️⃣ Select 'Invite', and review the patients you would like to invite, as below

Patients invited for their 2nd Moderna vaccination will only see options to book into Moderna clinics (from 28 days after their 1st vaccination). Under 18s will not be permitted to book.

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