There are a number of actions you can do in bulk, ie. to multiple patients at the same time, for those with mobile numbers. This can save you valuable time, as you don't have to go through each patient one by one. Here is a handy summary, with links to how-to guides for each:


1️⃣ Bulk invite patients for their 1st vaccine dose invites - guide here

2️⃣ Bulk invite patients for their 2nd vaccine dose invites - guide here

3️⃣ Bulk invite to 2nd vaccination for Moderna only - guide here

Sending reminders

1️⃣ Send invite reminders to those awaiting 1st and 2nd doses - guide here


1️⃣ Bulk cancel invites of

  • 'To manually book - 1st' patients - guide here

  • 'Awaiting response - 1st' patients - guide here.

  • 'Awaiting Invite - 2nd' patients - guide here

  • 'To manually book - 2nd' patients - guide here

  • 'Awaiting response - 2nd' patients - guide here

2️⃣ Bulk cancel bookings of all the patients booked into a given clinic, for both 1st and 2nd bookings, as long as they have a valid mobile number. We then give you a list of remaining patients to manually work through - guide here

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