As guidance released 7th April, states that appointments for patients booked in for AstraZeneca first doses under 30 years of age should to be cancelled, this article should help you locate these patients and cancel their appointments.

There was also further guidance released for under 40s to be able to choose an alternative to AZ, released 7th May. We'll use the 'under 30' example to walk through the steps here, but the same applies for looking for patients under 40 to cancel.

1. Head to the booked list from the Manage Organisation page

2. Locate the AstraZeneca clinic that you want to cancel appointments for (unfortunately for now, you will need to do this clinic by clinic).

3. Select 'Manage bookings'

4. This will take you to a filtered list of patients booked into this clinic. If this is a 'both' clinic (meaning there are 1st and 2nd doses booked in) then navigate to 'Other' and filter by 'Booked - 1st' to see only those patients booked in for AZ first doses.

5. You can now sort this list by selecting the Sort option and choosing 'Age - Youngest first'

6. This will then show you the list of patients booked into this clinic, ordered by the youngest. You can then see if there is anyone under 30 booked in, and select patients to then cancel. You can either select individual patients, or bulk select all patients to cancel.

7. You can also click 'Manage appointments' to cancel an individual patient's appointments. If they've been uploaded with a mobile number, then you can send them a text and customise the end of the message that gets sent.

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