The price of Accurx Plus depends on two key factors:

  • Which modules are bought - it is possible to pick and choose which modules are purchased: Video, Patient Triage and/or The SMS Bundle

  • Patient population list size - pricing will be lower for larger areas.

Pricing for Accurx Plus - Only applicable when SMS Plus has already been purchased elsewhere

(Pricing per patient population per year. License fee is exclusive of SMS costs and VAT).

This pricing table covers pricing for practices, PCNs, Clusters and equivalents. Organisations with list sizes greater than 90k should get in touch with directly.

Please note: Batch Messaging & Appointment Reminders is not available in Jersey and, therefore, the cost for The SMS Bundle has been discounted appropriately in those areas here.

Who can buy Accurx Plus?

Practices, PCNs, Clusters and equivalents can purchase Accurx Plus by completing this form.

Please note: If you want to purchase The SMS Bundle but another organisation has already purchased the SMS Plus portion on your behalf, please submit the form for The SMS Bundle and you won’t be charged for anything that has been purchased on your behalf elsewhere.

I use Accurx Web

For more information on Accurx Plus for Web, please click here

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