🎉 You can now add a 'not in network' patient to your own network. 🎉

Once done, this allows you to view their vaccination status in accordance with NIMS data, invite, book, and manage them as usual.

1.) Find the 'not in network' patients

Filter the invites to "not in network" by selecting 'Other' > 'Not in Network' > 'Apply Filter'

2.) Add the patient to your network

Open the Booking Details section for the patient and click "Invite through your practice"

You will see a popup, click "Invite through your practice"

If the patient has been successfully invited by your practice, you will see a green popup on the top-right of the screen

3.) View your patient details

If you like to immediately view that patient, you can click "Go to patient" and the invite list will be filtered to the specific patient. Note that you can now see their vaccination status according to NIMS, and that they have been automatically added to the relevant state, in this case 'To manually book - 1st'.

The patient's previous network will be able to see the details in the patient's notes:

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