We've introduced new features to give you more flexibility for booking patients in. This article details the differences between what patients can book into, and the overrides you have as an accuBook user.

Patient-facing options

When you invite a patient to book in for their 1st or 2nd vaccinations, when they click on the link in their text, they will need to enter their date of birth. They then see any published, non-hidden clinics in the future.

❗️ AstraZeneca clinics will only show to any patient over 40 for booking in their 1st vaccinations, following recent guidance regarding giving patients an alternative option. Read on to see how to book these patients in individually❗️

If you are inviting them to book in for their 2nd vaccinations, we will only show them clinics that match the vaccine they had for their 1st vaccination.

User-facing options

If you click on a link to book a patient in for 1st or 2nd vaccinations through accuBook, you will skip the date of birth step. By default, we will then show you the same view as patients see published, non-hidden clinics in the fufure.

You will also see this extra 'Staff booking' button at the top. If you select this option, then you will see any hidden published clinics that aren't visible to patients.

You can also select the 'All available clinics' option. This removes the 21 day restriction, to then show you all published clinics in the future, hidden or not.

❗️ Clicking this option will also remove the age restrictions placed on the AstraZeneca vaccine. This is where you can book in anyone under 40 to an AstraZeneca clinic, should you wish to.❗️

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