When booking patients for their 2nd dose, you must add them and then invite them - this is an additional step compared to when inviting for 1st doses.

1️⃣ Create second dose clinics

πŸ‘‰ Skip this step if the clinics exist already. πŸ‘ˆ

Lead organisations first need to head to Manage Organisation and Manage clinics to create 2nd dose clinics

Mark the clinic as Both, or Second only, and the set live

Note that you cannot simply 'copy and paste' a clinic, to replicate a 1stdose clinic

2️⃣ Upload new patients to accuBook

πŸ‘‰ Skip this step if the patient is in accuBook already. πŸ‘ˆ

For new patients, upload your patients with a CSV, as explained here.

Add everyone first, and you can sort and prioritise them later. When the CSV is added accuBook checks the National Immunisation Management System (NIMS), and labels patients accordingly as to what state they will be uploaded into:

πŸ””We cannot currently tell whether a patient has booked a vaccination elsewhere, only whether they have received it. πŸ””

  • Awaiting response - 1st: patients who you can now invite for their 1st booking

  • To manually book - 1st: patients who'll need to be manually booked for 1st

  • Awaiting 2nd invite: patients have have 1st dose and need inviting to 2nd

  • Completed: patients have had 1st and 2nd doses

Note: You have not yet invited anyone for their second doses at this point

3️⃣ Invite patients for their second dose

You've uploaded your list of 2nd vaccine patients, πŸ‘‰but not yet invited them! πŸ‘ˆ

βœ… Patients will only see clinics that are published, with capacity

βœ… Patients must be invited to their 1st and 2nd bookings separately, to give you more control over timings

βœ… Patients will only be invited to the same vaccine type they have actually already received for their 1st dose, even if this changes from what was intended

βœ… accuBook checks NIMS data on upload to ensure patients are in the correct state, even if they have been vaccinated elsewhere

❌ You cannot 'copy and paste' 1st dose clinics to create 2nd dose clinics

❌ You cannot send a 2nd dose invite more than 3 weeks in advance ... yet

Who and when to invite

Invited patients can book into all relevant appointments, so invite all patients in the 9th week after they have had their 1st vaccine

How to invite

Select only the 'awaiting 2nd invite' filter AND the relevant weekly sub-filters.

Then you can either select these patients individually or in bulk by clicking 'select multiple patients' and then 'select all'

πŸ”” You must select a weekly sub-filter if you want to invite patients in bulk πŸ””

To invite in bulk, once you have selected a number of patients, you can then press Invite to 2nd

You'll see a list of the patients you are about to invite

You're then prompted to write and sent their invite message.

πŸ˜„ They are now invited! πŸ˜„

4️⃣ Manually booking patients

Filter patients by 'to manually book - 2nd' and select 'Book'

You can book a patient in using the 'patient facing options'

Or you select 'user facing options' to see additional availability: all relevant published appointments at any time, including hidden clinics, only visible to users. For more on hidden clinics, see here

Read more about the content and timing of texts sent to patients here.

Patients will now be tagged as:

To manually book - 2nd if they have no valid UK mobile number

Awaiting response - 2nd if they have been sent an SMS invite

πŸ‘Œ Now you're done! πŸ‘

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