How can I send a message that a patient can respond to (with text or photos)?

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: Search for a patient of select from your Patient List

Sept 3: Click on “Message Patient”

Step 4: Compose a message or select from one of your SMS templates

Step 5: Toggle on “Allow a patient to reply once (with text or photos)” 👇

You’ll need to toggle this on every time you want a patient to reply.

Note: currently, patients can respond with up to 5 images per text.

The maximum photo size that a patient can submit is 7MB.

The patient has up to 7 days to reply to your message.

If you can not see this option please see here for more information.

❓ How does a patient reply?

The patient will receive a unique link in the SMS you send. To reply to your message, they click on the link which will take them to a webpage. After they confirm their identity with their D.O.B. they can submit text or photo responses.

To see how this works, try sending a message to yourself using the test patient in accuRx Web 😊

See here for more information about how a patient replies to your message.

❓ How am I notified when the patient responds?

When a patient replies, you will receive an email notification to the same NHS email address you use to login to accuRx Web.

The email will contain a secure link to access the patient’s response and will open in a new tab. You will need to be logged into accuRx Web for the reply to open.

❓ Can someone else review patient responses if needed?

Currently only the person requesting the response will receive the email notification and link to access the patient's response.

❓ How are patient images stored?

When the patient replies, you can click to download or save the patient response, so that you can upload it into the patient’s medical record.

We also store images securely in line with information governance and security processes. Read more on Patient Photo: IG and Security.

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