accuBook - vaccination bookings quick-start guide:

Designated coordinating practice

This is a step-by-step guide to setting up and using Accurx Vaccination booking. In a rapidly changing environment, the Accurx team are working hard to help you invite and book patients for COVID-19 vaccinations, and manage their bookings. This is our first version of the booking product, and we will be adding functionality as fast as we can in the coming days and weeks. So please be aware of what this product cannot do… yet. And please let us know how you get on, so that we can improve it accordingly.

🚨The most important thing to draw your attention to is to remind practices that they’ll want to start slow. Start by uploading small groups of patients first. You can always upload more later. If more patients are invited than there are available slots, patients still receive an SMS invite, but will be unable to book if others book it out before them. To avoid this, we recommend dividing slots up fairly between the participating practices, and inform them how many patients can be invited. 🚨

What is accuBook?

  • The designated coordinating practice can create clinics for patients to receive vaccinations

  • Each participating practice can then invite their own patients by batch SMS,

  • Patients can book themselves in with a link sent within the SMS, or practices can manually book patients in if needed.

  • Appointment confirmation & reminders are sent to patients via text.

  • Practices can easily view which patients have booked, have not yet booked, declined the vaccine, and those who need to be manually booked in.

Who can use it?

  • The designated coordinating practice will be in charge of setting up clinic times and dates

  • The designated coordinating practice nominates other practices that are collaborating at a designated site.

  • Each participating practice can then invite their own patients

  • Practice staff can review which patients have booked in & those that haven’t.

  • Practices can also have visibility over all invites sent out across the PCN, or can filter those that have been sent by themselves only.

How does it work?

How do I get started?

👉 Here’s a handy video 👈

  • Log in to Accurx Chain as usual

  • Click on your initials in the toolbar → Manage practice

  • You will see a section headed ‘COVID-19 vaccine’

  • Select Vaccination Sessions to create appointment slots, and enable other practices to invite their patients.

How do I add all the practices in my grouping to the system?

  • Click on ‘Vaccination sessions’ under ‘nominated coordinating site’

How to create clinic slots

  • Enter the dates and times of your clinic. Nb: this will not schedule in staff breaks. Please factor this into your capacity (see below), or create separate clinics either side of a break.

  • Add patients vaccinated per hour. This is the number of vaccinators x number of patents they can vaccinate in an hour. Our system then calculates the capacity: patients per hour x the hours in the clinic.

  • Add the name of the vaccine: Pfizer/BioNTech (Courageous) or Oxford/AstraZeneca (Talent)

Things to be aware of:

Consent: Published 8th December, the COVID-19 vaccination training slide set states that consent for the COVID-19 vaccine (for those with capacity to consent)

  • Must be ‘informed’ - patients must have received information about the risks and benefits of the vaccination, either verbally from a clinician, or by leaflet or letter. We provide patients with this information when booking, so they are informed.

  • Can be given verbally, in writing, or implied. We believe that booking their appointment constitutes ‘implied’. Please let us know if you have any questions about consent.

  • Please see our Gaining Consent article for more information.

What you can’t currently do, but we’ll be working on before Christmas

  • Practices view their overall capacity and limit practice invites based on this.

What you can’t currently do, but we’ll be working on in the new year

  • Automatically add a second clinic for your second slots

  • Add multiple delivery sites: we currently don’t support the ability for one designated coordinating site to add locations of multiple delivery sites - we are in the process of addressing this. In the meantime, we suggest you assign one user, who has access to 2 (or more) different Accurx practices, to set up multiple practices as ‘sub-designated coordinating sites’. Each sub-designated coordinating site practice can then be associated with a different delivery site location. Participating practices can then be assigned to one of these groups. It’s very important, if you do this, to only assign patients to one sub-designated coordinating site or another, else they will be blocked from booking. For example: Designated coordinating practice Devonshire Medical Practice might want to set up 2 different delivery sites, ‘Church hall’ and ‘School hall’. A user from Devonshire Medical Practice who is registered in two different Accurx practices, Devonshire Medical Practice plus Forest Medical Practice, can set each of these up as a sub-designated coordinating site. Devonshire Medical Practice adds ODS codes for practices A, B and C from its group, and these patients are invited to attend the Church Hall; Forest Medical Practice adds ODS codes for practices D, E and F from its group, and these patients are invited to attend the School Hall.

We’ll be adding support articles and more information in the coming days, which you’ll be able to find from If you run into any difficulties, you’ll be able to reach our support team from the green chat bubble in the bottom right of that page.

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