To find out how to unpublish a live clinic, please read through this article first.

1. Head to the 'Booked list' in the 'Manage Practice' page.

Here you will see all of your different clinics. You'll notice that there are new buttons beside the ones that patients have booked into to have their second vaccinations.

2. Click on 'Cancel second bookings' once you've found the clinic you want

3. You will then see a message explaining what will happen. Please read it through and make sure you go back to the Booked list and select 'Export' if you need a list of all patients booked in for the day.

4. Once you've done this, click the 'see manual patients to cancel' button. Don't worry that the 'Cancel second bookings' button is still there, this has now been done.

5. You will then see a filtered list of patients who still need their second appointment cancelled. Untick the 'Filter by my practice' tickbox so you see all patients across your grouping who have booked in.

6. You can now work through this list and click 'Cancel second booking' for each patient. (If you end up losing this page, you can get back to it from the Booked list)

7. Once you cancel this patient's second booking, they will disappear from the list. Continue to work through until all this list is 0. You will then have cancelled all second bookings in this clinic.

We are working on making this an easier process, stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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