In light of the latest guidance released today by NHSE, we've worked on a number of quick changes, including the ability to cancel a patient's second appointment in isolation to the first.

How to cancel for an individual patient:

1. Go to the new patient view (you can find out more about how to navigate to and use this page here)

2. Search for the patient you want to cancel in the search bar

3. Select 'Cancel second booking' next to the patient's name (as shown below)

4. Click 'Cancel second appointment' from the window shown below. Patients will not be able to rebook their second booking right now, we will look to add this back in soon, as timings and advice becomes clearer.

5. The patient will now receive a cancellation confirmation text if they have a valid mobile number, otherwise you will need to follow up with them manually.

6. If you wish to then cancel the patient's first appointment (and whole invite), then you can do this by now clicking on 'Cancel booking'. This will follow the normal cancellation flow, which you can read more about here.

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