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When you set up a new clinic in Accurx's vaccinations product, you need to add a corresponding second clinic so that your patients can book both of their vaccinations at once.

For more information on how to get your clinics set up, please read this article.

For now, we're working on the assumption that you will be administering the Courageous/Pfizer vaccine. We will change this as new vaccines are approved for use.

The second dose needs to be given after a 'minimum of 21 days'. We've added some flexibility here, so you'll need to add a second clinic between 21 and 28 days after the first for it to show to your patients.

❗️ We only show the soonest available day within this timeframe. This should avoid any situation where a patient takes a later second slot, leaving an earlier patient without one to choose.❗️

As an example:

If you schedule your first clinic for 01/01/2021, your second one will need to be scheduled between 22/01/2021 and 29/01/2021 (inclusive). If you have a clinic set up on the 22nd, we will only show this one to patients.

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