Log in (from Accurx Desktop)

Log in to Accurx Desktop as usual.

Click on your initials in the toolbar → Manage Organisation

You will see a section headed ‘COVID-19 vaccine' - select 'Vaccine sessions'

Log in (from web browser)

Navigate to chain.accurx.com in your web browser (Google Chrome is preferrable).

Login using your Accurx / accuBook login information.

You will see a section headed ‘COVID-19 vaccine' - select 'Vaccine sessions'

(Please note, only the designated coordinating practice is able to see this section. If you aren't at this practice but want a clinic set up, contact your coordinating practice).

For more information about how to add and remove clinics, read this article.

First, unpublish your clinic

❗ Before you can amend your live clinic capacity, you need to unpublish it. Remember to set it live again when you're done editing, or your patients will no longer see it.

To unpublish a clinic once you have set it live, you can do so by pressing the 'toggle' in the set live column so it turns grey again.

Next, amend your times/patients per hour

To update your capacity, you can change any combination of the start time, the end time, or how many patients per hour you will vaccinate.

You can select 'edit' (the pencil icon) once your clinic is unpublished, where you will see these options now editable.

Save and re-publish

Once you're happy with your changes, you can click Save.

Remember once you've saved to set your clinic to 'live'! You do this by switching the toggle back to green.

❗ You will not be able to reduce the capacity of a clinic below the point where it interferes with existing patient bookings, you will be told if that is the case when you click the save button.

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