How do I invite patients?

Create a CSV file of the patients you want to invite. Upload the CSV onto the system. Patients without valid UK mobile numbers will be flagged to you as 'To manually book - 1st', as we cannot send an SMS invite to them.

accuBook will send links to patients that have a mobile number to book themselves, but some won't have numbers or you'll want to book on their behalf.

What do the different states mean?

You can review the list of patients you've uploaded by CSV, which will be in the following states:

Booked - 1st: Patients who are booked in for their 1st vaccination.

Booked - 2nd: Patients who are booked in for their 2nd vaccination.

Awaiting response - 1st & 2nd: Patients who have received a link to book in, but have not booked.

Awaiting invite - 2nd: Patients who have had their 1st vaccination, and need to be invited for their 2nd vaccination

To manually book - 1st & 2nd: Patients who cannot be sent an SMS invite, and need to manually be booked in

Cancelled: Patients who have had their invitation cancelled, and will need to be invited again to book. You can find out more about cancelled invites below. 👇

Declined: Patients who have indicated they don't want to book their vaccinations.

Already invited: Patients who were already invited to have the vaccine in a previous batch that has been uploaded.

Had both: Patients who have had their 1st and 2nd vaccinations

Please note that some patients who are shown as 'Awaiting response' may not have smartphones, internet access, or the ability to book themselves in, and therefore you may need to book them in manually, too.

How do I see who is to be manually booked?

Filter the list of all patients by 'To manually book - 1st'

How do I book them in?

To book the patient, simply click 'Book' on the right hand side.

You will see the same invite & booking system that the patient sees if they have been sent a link to book via text.

Here you will be given the option to decline the invitation on behalf of the patient or continue to booking. You will be given the locations of the clinics the patient has been invited to as well as a link to more information about the COVID-19 vaccines.

You will need to tell the patients if the address that they should attend on the day is different to that of your GP practice.

You will be prompted to choose the date and time of the patient's first vaccine.

If the time you are looking for isn't showing then select show more options. Once you have chosen the date and time for the appointment, click 'Continue'.

After this step, you will be asked to review the date and times you have selected with the patient. If you need to change the appointment here, you can click 'Edit first slot'

Once you are happy with the appointments, click 'Confirm booking'.

You will then see a 'Vaccinations successfully booked' screen.

The patient will receive an SMS reminder of this if you have their mobile number in the system. If not, make sure the patient is aware of the date and time of the appointment, and where they will need to go to attend it.

How do I cancel a patient's appointment?

To find out how to cancel patient appointment, please click here.

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