A lead organisation works with other participating organisations to deliver vaccine services as a group.

What does a lead organisation do?

  • inviting all participating practices to the group, and

  • creating vaccine clinics to book patients into, as explained here

How to invite participating practices

Under the 'Manage Organisation' page you will see COVID-19 Vaccine section. Lead organisations can select 'Manage Clinics'.

Add the delivery site address

This is the address that patients will attend to receive their vaccinations.

Invite organisations to your group

Enter the practice ODS codes for all organisations you would like to invite to your group.

โ—To avoid typos (and allowing the wrong practice to invite their patients!)

we strongly recommend double checking ODS codes here โ—

๐Ÿ“ฃ Remember to let your participating sites know they've been invited!

If you accidentally send or accept an invite incorrectly, please contact our Support team to help undo this.

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