This article talks about Patient Triage, Accurx's online consultation platform.

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You can now customise Patient Triage to include your own wording on some parts of the form and the confirmation text. 🎉

You could use this feature to change your promised response time from 2 working days to 1 working days or 3 working days. You could also add in temporary messages to explain delays such as when you are short staffed.

Which parts of the form can I customise?

1. The Welcome page - you can change the wording underlined in red in the right image below on the first page of Patient Triage:

2. Confirmation of submission page - you can change the wording underlined in red in the right image below on the final page of Patient Triage (after the patient has reviewed and submitted their request):

3. Sent message confirmation - you can change the wording underlined in red in the right image elow of the confirmation text that the patient can choose to receive:

4. Out of hours messaging - you can change the wording underlined in red in the right image below on the out of hours page:

Only Accurx accounts with admin status can change the response time. (You can find out who the admin is at your practice by clicking on your initials icon on the Accurx toolbar and then 'Manage Organisation' and then 'Practice users'.)

How do I add in my own messages?

1. Click on your initials on your Accurx toolbar and then click 'Manage Organisation' from the drop-down list:

2. On the Manage Organisation page, scroll down to the Patient Triage section, and click on ' 'Settings'.

This will open a web page where you will see the option to 'Customise Patient Triage'.


You can use these three boxes to edit the wording of the first 3 parts of the form

For example, to customise the welcome page:

  • Click the blue 'Edit' button:

  • Remove any wording you don't want and type in your own wording to set the right patient expectations on when they might receive a response. You can also reset to default or cancel.

  • When you are happy with your edit, click 'Save Changes' ☝️

How do I change my out-of-hours messaging?

On the same web page (Patient Triage Settings), scroll down until you see 'Customise out of hours':

  • You can turn the toggle "Enable out of office page"

  • Click 'Save changes"

You can edit the message displayed here 👇

  • Then click "Save changes"

  • Or "Reset to Default"

How do I customise my Temporary Disable settings?

  • You can switch the toggle to turn it on.

  • Add a resume date and time, reason for suspending and add a comment.

  • Click "Save Changes"

You can then edit the message displayed to patients when Temporary Suspend is on 👇

  • Once you hit "Save changes" on your Temporary Suspend settings, another box will appear below titled "Edit suspended Patient Triage message".

  • Click "Edit" in the bottom-right.

  • Edit your message ✏️

  • Click "Save changes" when you're happy with your changes.

💡 Note: you aren't able to change or remove the text stating when online enquires will resume. This text will reflect your Temporary Suspend settings.

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