accuRx Plus for Web is a premium tier of accuRx, which gives access to extra features and relies on funding from commissioners in your area. You can read our blog here which explains why we've launched this.

It's important to us that our technology delivers significant value when compared to the price. In general we aim to deliver at least 10 times the value in comparison to the price set.

The price of accuRx Plus for Web will depend on the number of users at your organisation and is charged at £15 per user, per month and is exclusive of SMS and VAT costs.

Who can buy accuRx Plus for Web?

If the new features being released as part of accuRx Plus for Web are of interest to your organisation, we want to speak to your Trust and we will do our utmost to make accuRx Plus available in as many areas as possible.

If you represent a Trust, please get in touch with us directly at

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