accuRx Plus for Web is a premium tier of accuRx Web, which gives access to extra features and relies on funding from your Trust. You can read our blog here which explains why we've launched this.

What is accuRx Lite?

There will always be a free version of accuRx - called accuRx Lite for Web. You can see exactly what functionality is included in accuRx Lite for Web in the feature table below.

What is accuRx Plus for Web?

We are launching accuRx Plus for Web, which is a set of new premium features.

We are introducing accuRx Plus for Web to help us transition to a sustainable business model and to ensure that we can keep solving even bigger challenges in healthcare communications.

accuRx Plus for Web will include the following modules:

  • Video room sizes of up to 50 people

  • Ability to capture outcomes of video consultations

  • Organisation-wide SMS templates

  • Enhanced integration capabilities

More information on this in our FAQ article

For more information on who can buy accuRx Plus, please see our Costs article

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