Patient Lists is an accuRx Web feature that allows you to add multiple patients to a list without having to type their NHS number and date of birth each time! As well as join a call, share a list with a colleague, send a message, and much more all at the click of a button!

You can set this up directly in accuRx Web, here's how:

1. Log in to

2. Click on "Try it now" under Patient Lists 👇

3. Click on "Get started" 👇

4. Enter the mobile number that you'll most likely have at hand when using accuRx. We'll only send a code to log in, no patient or medical information will be sent to your mobile number.

5. Type under "Enter 6-digit code" the code sent to the mobile number entered in the earlier step

6. That's it! 🎉 You'll receive a confirmation window similar to the one below, here click on "Create a Patient List" to get started 👇

You can find out more on using Patient Lists in our 👉 Getting started guide

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