Patient lists helps you save patient searches in a list, without having to search for these each time. 😊

❓ How can I create one or more lists 👇

❓ How can I remove patients from my list?

Remove one patient from your list 👇

❓ How can I remove a list?

There's a couple of ways you access the button to delete the full list, here's how 👇

❓ Can I edit the name of my list?

Yes absolutely! Once you've opened your list, click on "More" and select "Edit list" as shown 👇

❓ How can I order my list?

Click on the button next to "Sort by:" and select the option that works for you to order the list by the time a patient was added to your list of by their surname 👇

For any questions or help start a live chat with us by clicking on the message icon on the bottom right of this window 👉

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