We're continuing to add new features based on your feedback and suggestions. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to speak with us and shared ideas how we can improve. 💙

Keep reading to see what's new 👇

Group & allow patients to respond to your templates 🗂️

When creating templates group them to easily find the one you need. 😊 While you're doing this, directly allow patients to respond when they receive these template messages, which you can do by ticking box at "Default reply setting" as shown 👇

New SNOMED codes! ✨

For each template you can add a SNOMED code, which will automatically code to the record when you send the text message to patients. 😎

We've added 90 new SNOMED codes from which you can choose from, which you'll find in the SNOMED Code dropdown when creating or editing template messages.

Thank you for requesting these! 💙 If you'd like us to add more SNOMED codes to the dropdown list email us at support@accurx.com with the numerical code and the context you'd use it in. We'll forward this request on to our clinical lead who reviews and adds new codes every few months. 😃

new COPD CAT Florey ❓

We've released a detailed COPD questionnaire based on the COPD Assessment Test (CAT), sponsored and developed with GSK. We’ll be introducing more partner Floreys over the coming months, including a cancer care Florey (with Macmillan) and a UTI Florey (with TARGET). To find out more read in our Partner Florey FAQs.

Below you'll see what questions are included in the new COPD CAT Florey or in the SNOMED codes and questions for COPD Florey article

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