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Organisations can choose to turn on an 'out of hours' message for Patient Triage. This displays a message to patients accessing Patient Triage at weekends, on Bank holidays, and between 5pm and 8am on weekdays. This can help direct patients to more appropriate care settings, and reduce demand on the organisation.

What do patients see?

If you choose to switch Out of Hours on, the patient can still submit a Patient Triage request as usual. They will also be directed towards local pharmacies, Urgent Treatment Centres, and NHS 111.

How do organisations turn Out of Hours on?

Only Accurx accounts with 'admin' status can customise Patient Triage.

(You can find out who the admin is at your organisation by clicking on your initials icon on the Accurx Desktop toolbar and then 'Manage Organisation' and then 'Manage users'.)

1. Click on your initials on your Accurx Desktop toolbar and then click 'Patient Triage' from the drop-down list:

2. Once the web page 'What is Patient Triage?' loads, select 'Settings' on the top bar.

3. This will open the 'Settings' page. If you scroll to the bottom, you will see the option to 'Enable Out of Hours.'

Click the 'Schedule' button to the right, then switch the toggle to turn it to green πŸ‘‡

4. You can set the hours you want the Out of Hours to be effective for here, and whether you want Patient Triage to be suspended during these times* πŸ‘‡

*Note: if you do not switch this toggle, patients will still be able to submit requests. They will first see a screen which tells them that you are out of hours, and may take longer to respond.

🚨 *Note: you may still receive some requests in your inbox after the scheduled Out of Hours time if a patient has opened the Patient Triage form before allotted time and they have remained active on the page until submission. 🚨

5. Then you can edit the body of the Out of Hours message by scrolling to the next box and clicking edit:

6. Then you can edit in the text box and click save changes:

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