accuRx plus is a premium tier of accuRx, which gives access to extra features and relies on funding from commissioners in your area. You can read our blog here which explains why we've launched this.

It is important to us that our technology delivers significant value when compared to the price. In general we aim to deliver at least 10 times the value in comparison to the price set.

The price of accuRx Plus depends on a number of factors including:

  • Which modules are bought - it is possible to purchase individual modules, but modules are cheaper if purchased together.
  • How many practices are covered - pricing will be lower for larger areas.
  • When the procurement is confirmed - pricing will be lower for procurements completed in 2020.

Who can buy accuRx Plus?

We will be speaking to local commissioners first, as it will be cheaper to purchase accuRx Plus on a larger scale. However, where commissioners do not procure, it will be possible for smaller organisations (for example PCNs) to purchase accuRx Plus instead. Please be assured that we are speaking to commissioners in every area of the UK and we will try our utmost to make accuRx Plus to as many practices as possible!

How to reach us

If you are a commissioner or represent a PCN or Federation and would like to discuss procuring accuRx Plus with our Partnerships team, please contact them at

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