Who is notified when new conversations appear in the To Assign folder?

By default, various non-clinical roles are notified e.g. Admin, Reception, Secretaries

How can I remove/add myself to the To Assign team?

Any user at the practice can choose to Mute or Notify this folder by clicking the Mute/Notify button.

Tip: We've also just built a new feature that allows admins to change other users notification settings! 😯 Find out more...

Who are in the other teams? Doctors, Nurses, Admin, Reception, Secretaries and Prescribing

These six teams are automatically generated based on the users’ EMIS/SystmOne role. Users should check the teams they are in are appropriate for their role. If not, they can leave/join teams using the Leave team/Join team button.

Note: Most teams have specific types of responses from patients that will appear under them by default (e.g. Asthma, Alcohol, COPD, COVID-19 monitoring). For the Doctors, Nurses, Admin, Reception, Secretaries and Prescribing teams, no patient responses will appear in these teams automatically. The only messages that will appear under these teams will have been assigned manually by users at the practice.

Can my practice create its own teams?

Not currently, as you are part of pilot sites, we will be contacting you regularly to get feedback on how to improve teams.

Some things we will be looking to learn is:

● What other teams do you need?

● How would you as a practice like to manage your own teams?

More on how to manage patient triage requests in the inbox πŸ‘‰

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