Accurx Web allows you to easily text your patients from either your mobile or desktop. Accurx Web is web-based, so you don’t need to install or download any software and patients don’t need to download an app. Accurx Web is free and you can log in with your and credentials.

To send an SMS message to a patient:

1. Log into Accurx Web, using your or credentials. Enter the patient's NHS number and Date of birth and click '🔎'

2. You should now be able to see more details about your patient. If its the wrong patient click 'Back'. If its the correct patient click 'Compose message'

3. Write out a message to the patient, or choose a pre-written templates from the 'Message templates' drop-down. To add an attachment to the message click 'Attach', and you can use the toggle to allow the patient to respond to you with text or up to 5 attachments. When you want to send the message click 'Send'.

That's it! See here for how to save your message to the patient's medical record. Find out more about attaching documents to the message and how it works for the patient here.

Tip: find out how to create your own message templates here

If you have any questions, chat to us here! 👉

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