This article is for practices who are trying out Patient Triage, our online consultation solution.

For recommendations on how to make your Patient Triage launch successful, check out this article.

We recommend launching once you can answer yes to all the following questions:

  1. Have you set a go live date?
  2. Have you selected an access point on your website for Patient Triage that is easy to find and worked with your IT Team to get your unique link added?
  3. Have you created and shared protocols for how to manage all clinical risks?
  4. Have you reviewed our template DPIA and created your own?
  5. Have you reviewed our Information Governance and Security policies for Patient Triage?
  6. Has everyone on your team tested the product? (We recommend medical and admin team members get familiar with how to fill out a query and what information is requested. If you haven't got your unique Patient Triage link enabled yet, you can get familiar with what your patients will see by using this demo version and you can watch this webinar recording to see how patient requests are returned to the practice.)
  7. Have you set a process for handling queries? Use this toolkit, and consider changing sessions around to match demand to capacity. We will allow you to track what types of requests come in, and when, to help you monitor demand.
  8. Have you read Tips for A Successful Launch?
  9. Have you updated your patients about adding Patient Triage to your website
  10. Have you updated your practice's phone message to encourage them to use Patient Triage while they are on hold or call out of hours?
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