We have recently launched our online consultation platform, Patient Triage, which allows patients to contact their practice about medical or administrative queries by filling out an online form.

Patient Triage is integrated with EMIS and SystmOne so patient's requests can be saved easily to the medical record. Click here for a video demo! 📺

The online form is unique for your practice and is available on a unique website address/link/URL that accuRx builds for your practice. You can share this link with your patients by putting it on your website or texting it to them. The patients will then fill out the online form, give their contact details and the information will come back into your accuRx Desktop toolbar.

What will patients see when they visit the link?

You can try the patient side yourself here!

How does it come through to the practice?

Once the patient has filled out the details of their administrative or medical query and give contact details, the request will come into the practice. You will receive the request in your accuRx Desktop Inbox. 😀 Here, you will be able to save the information to the patient's medical record easily!

Is it NHS approved?

accuRx is an NHS Digital approved supplier, and also specifically an NHS Digital approved online consultation supplier.

Find out more on Patient Triage's IG and security here.

I'm keen to try it out - how do I get started?

You can sign up to try it for 6 months here 🎉

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