You can now send video consultation invitations to a patient's email address! 🎉

Once you are on the "Compose Message" screen. You will see the option to select either phone or email on the right hand side of the screen.

If you choose "Email". The input field will change and allow you to enter the patient's Email address.

You can now enter the patient's email and send the video consultation link 🙌


What email address is used to send the email?
The patient will receive an email from an AccuRx NoReply email address, provided by the NHS. The email address of the original sender will not be shown in any way.

What happens when a patient responds to the email?

The patient will get an automated response saying that they wont get a reply to their email.

Can they open the link on a tablet or computer?'

Yes! As long as the device has both an internet connection and the ability to receive emails.

If you have any questions or need help, do chat to our support team by clicking the message bubble in the bottom right corner of this screen. We're happy to help! 😀

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